Told how and when to celebrate carnival fun

Рассказали как и когда будут праздновать веселую Масленицу

Bright, cheerful, noisy and hearty days of the carnival 2019 will be too late relative to previous years – not in the frosty snowy February and in the spring, in March. Cheese week starts March 4 and runs until 11. It is noteworthy that the pancake week on days has different names and meanings in the Slavic culture. Read more about each day of the week the cheese read our article.

Maslenitsa is an ancient folk festival, which during its existence managed to acquire many traditions and rituals. The name of the carnival by day of the week has its purpose, which is to a different extent influenced people’s signs, national characteristics and local flavor, as well as paganism and Christianity.

Schedule days carnival: how to behave every day of the week the cheese

Monday – meeting

Based on the name of the carnival days, at the beginning of the week the Cheese is taken to meet the guests to regale them with treats, the most important of which is pancakes with various fillings, and even to do a dummy made of straw, which stood in the centre of the village or town until the end of Maslenitsa.

Tuesday – zaigryshi

On Tuesday boys and girls without a pair of traditionally arranged bride. Young people gathered together and then went to ride the hills on sleds. Pancakes continue to be in trend, they were treated for organised games and fun.

Wednesday – gourmand

The third day of the week the Cheese is famous “Teschin pancakes”, when the hostess invited their sons-in-law, treated them with pancakes and other delicacies, prepared by their own recipes. But the son-in-law needs to compliment the mother-in-law to the future and stay with her in peace and harmony.

Thursday – Razgulay

A day when cheese week gaining her strength and Narrow acquires the status of a General carnival. To work in this period is not desirable, and all the time you need to devote festivities, songs, dances, games, and entertainment.

Friday – Teschin evening

Now comes the turn of son-in-law to call for a visit her mother with the father, and to regale them with hand-cooked pancakes. People believe, if you follow this ritual of Maslenitsa, mother-in-law will completely build relationships, even if there was discord.

Saturday − zolovkina gatherings

In this day of the week the Cheese a young wife needs to call to his sister’s husband, sister-in-law and other relatives to treat everyone to delicious pancakes.

Forgiveness Sunday

The final day of Maslenitsa – forgiveness Sunday, which name speaks for itself. On this day, the eve of lent, it is important to ask forgiveness from all whom you might consciously or unconsciously offend, as well as ourselves to forgive others who have wronged you. Carnival ends of wires of winter and a ritual burning of effigies.