Tom cruise, Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson in the trailer of the movie “Mission: impossible-Implications”

Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Tom cruise, Ving of Reims in the movie “Mission: impossible-Implications”

In January, 55-year-old Tom cruise has intrigued his fans when suddenly appeared in Instagram (and before it this social network ignored) and showed photos from the filming of the new movie “Mission impossible” (Mission: Impossible). And now, after almost four months finally released the trailer for new films with his participation.

As in the previous parts of the famous Thriller, the main role went to crews. This time in the film, which was called “Mission impossible: the Consequences” (Mission: Impossible — Fallout), agent Ethan hunt (cruise’s character) have to fight against evil in the person of Augustus Walker (his role was Ispolin Henry Cavill) and Christopher Macquarie (starring Sean Harrises). But to help in this fight (and it will unfold serious!) it will be Rebecca Ferguson, Ving of Reims and Simon Pegg. Dangerous stunts, vivid special effects and artful the intricacies of the thrill a new part of the blockbuster will definitely have to taste.

The film also played Alec Baldwin and Michelle Monaghan, and it was directed by Christopher Macquarie in 2015, who directed the film “Mission impossible: rogue nation” (Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation).

World premiere of the film, however, as the Russian, will take place on July 26.

Tom cruise in “Mission: impossible-Implications”
Henry Cavill in the movie “Mission: impossible-Implications”
Tom cruise in “Mission: impossible-Implications”
Alec Baldwin in the movie “Mission: impossible-Implications”
Michelle Monaghan and Tom cruise in “Mission: impossible-Implications”

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