Tom cruise wanted to be in the image of a superhero

Том Круз хотел бы сняться в образе супергероя

The actor spoke about his ambitions.

Popular actor Tom cruise would not mind to play in any superhero film, reports the with reference to GoGetNews.

During his career, the actor starred in dozens of different fighters, including the fantastic — for example, in “War of the worlds”, “oblivion” or “Faces of the future”. But still never Tom cruise has not appeared in any superhero movie any Kynoselen (or outside).

However, Ethan hunt from the “Mission impossible” could compete with Clint Barton or Natasha Romanoff.

Journalists asked him if he would like to play this movie. And said in jest, didn’t lure him whether Henry Cavill, a colleague in the new “Mission” in the DC universe.

“There is always another peak. I will never say “no” if you find this project interesting, and if I feel that the audience will want to see him, he shows them fascinating. And only if I have a feeling that I will be able to make this project a contribution,” said the actor.

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