Tom Ford and Amal Clooney had an argument because of her dress at the Met Gala 2018

Amal Clooney

The ball costume Institute was held for more than a week ago, and talk about it, do not cease till now. Of course! After all, this party star surprised the audience with their images in many ways, of course, due to the theme of the event, which was “a Divine body: fashion and the Catholic imagination.”

However, not without its scandals. How to write the Western media, 40-year-old Amal Clooney is greatly angered American designer Tom Ford. It turns out that on the red carpet she was supposed to appear in the dress of his authorship, over which, by the way, the Ford team worked for several weeks. However, a few hours before the event, Amal suddenly changed his mind and picked an outfit from the Richard Quinn.

Of course, the fashion house headed by Ford was angry:

They wanted Amal in this case, do not wear it if she wasn’t going to appear in it on the red carpet Met Gala. Then he could wear to any other event somebody else,

— according to sources.

However, what was the indignation of the Ford, when the wife of George Clooney, ignoring the request of the designer, appeared in the dress of his authorship at a private party after prom and stayed in it until the end.

Representatives from Tom Ford to comment on the situation refused, but Amal Clooney, it seems, did not consider himself guilty of anything.

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