Tomatoes make men more potent twice

Помидоры делают мужчин плодовитее в два раза

Consumption of tomatoes can increase the quality of sperm by up to 50%, the researchers said. The key ingredient is lycopene, which gives tomatoes their bright red color.

The authors of the experiment gave 28 volunteers tablets with lycopene twice a day. After 3 weeks, the quality of the seed participants improved twice. Now, after receiving the results, doctors advise men who want to start a family, there are more tomatoes – the equivalent of two tablespoons of tomato puree per day.

In addition to the newly identified properties, lycopene reduces blood pressure and the risk of prostate cancer. Alan Pacey (Allan Pacey), Professor of andrology at the University of Sheffield, said that the effects of lycopene on sperm motility “was truly amazing.”