Top 10 first names in Korean for the boys

Top 10 des prénoms coréens pour les garçons

Baby will soon point the tip of his nose ! Stuffed animals, books, lullabies, baby bottles, clips, layers or sleeping bags : nothing has been neglected in anticipation of his imminent arrival. Everything is ready, it remains only to choose his first name. If you are looking for something sweet, original, and with a strong symbolic, given names, koreans may well surprise you.

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History and customs of the first names in Korean

Although the “Hangeul” or the alphabet used in Korea, the first names are mostly written with ideograms, chinese-koreans (” hanja “).

In Korea, the name given to a new-born is essential. A symbolism is attached to it. Rare are the parents who stop their choice based only on the aesthetics or the sound of the name. According to belief, the latter is necessarily a carrier of meaning. The first name of a new-born would have the power to determine his or her personality, but also influence, positively or not, his fate.

The choice of name is so fundamental that parents do not hesitate to refer to the philosophy and ancient Yin and Yang and the Saju. In astrology, this concept, which means “Four pillars” ensures that the destiny of a person is governed by four central factors : the year, month, day, and hour of birth.

A first name in Korean usually consists of two syllables. The first syllable is said to be “generational” : within a family, all the babies of the same sex tend to assign a first name beginning with this syllable common. The second syllable is chosen by the parents, or even grandparents, as a function of the symbolic desired. Chung-Su, for example, means ” excellent and long life “, Dae-Hyun can be translated by “best,” honorable, while Dong-Bok refers to a ” child well-being, happiness, fortune and luck “.

The Korean families list carefully to the syllables “generational” to be assigned to the children of their inner circle. Once this list is completed, it is resumed from the beginning. Also, the last of the children born will inherit the first syllables of “generational” to the list, and so on.

In Korea, find a person by knowing only his name and his first name is revealed to be an impossible task. In fact, it is not customary to give the second or third christian name to a baby. In addition, a lot of Koreans have the same surname, i.e., ” Park “, ” Lee “, “Choi” or ” Kim “, which are the most common. Namesakes there are more than numerous !

The spelling of names varies according to the wish of the parents : the two syllables separated by a space, a dash, or simply attached.

The trends are changing

Even today, some families seek the services of specialists whose mission is to invent names original and unpublished for the new-born. These names are supposed to positively influence the personality and destiny of the baby.

However, more and more parents are koreans decide to take more freedom. The first names of the children are more bold, more stylish, more modern. The kanji sino-Korean are up to the Hangeul. This allows you to change the habits long established. Today, the names of one or three syllables are more an exception.

The 10 most beautiful first names in Korean for a little boy

First names koreans hold many surprises. With their exotic sounds, their meaning, very symbolic, and their unusual character, they are not likely to go unnoticed.

  1. Bae : inspiration
  2. Chin : unique, precious
  3. Im : courageous, brave
  4. Ja : magnetic
  5. Jin kyung : arrival happy with a boy
  6. Jung : strong, bright
  7. Jung-Hwa : wealth and brilliance
  8. Min-Ho : celestial and intelligent
  9. Young : unchanged, constant
  10. Young-Jae : respect, prosperity, eternity

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