Top model Zhenya Katava for SPLETNIK.RU: castings, Irina Shayk and Arab princes

Zhenya Katava

It seems that in the day the 24-year-old top model Zhenya Katava a minimum of fifty hours. Here she poses on the red carpet ceremony of Glamour magazine, and the next morning, leads a public talk and flies away in his native Belarus, from soul to dance at the concert Elena Temnikova, and after a few days the face of the fragrance Aura Mugler is already in Miami for the filming. But SPLETNIK.RU still managed to catch a glimpse of the star during her short visit to Moscow. We talked with Eugene about her debut show, his favorite city on earth, models, plus-size, feminism and the strangest messages in direct.

Tell us about your first interview and your debut show in Poland.

When I first got into modeling, I went to Poland. In fact, there was no casting. My model school collaborated with the Polish fashion Week. Girls from Belarus was then offered a part in the show in Warsaw. I had just signed a contract with my Agency, I was 16 years old. Although I remember in school, considered myself an ugly duckling. Came home after school crying and told my mom, “God, why am I such a freak?”. I was very skinny as a worm, with great eyebrows, I always tried to hide behind bangs and General background on the friends looked very awkward.

The first “real” audition, I was 17 years old, before fashion Week in new York. It was a show of Yigal Azrouël. Imagine 17-year-old, who arrived alone in a huge metropolis. Surprisingly, I did not feel like a stranger (fearless was something), I immediately joined in that direction, and one day I was sent an invitation to 22 casting. In my pocket was $ 50 I had to buy a ticket and go on the subway in 22 seats. Casting Yigal Azrouël was the first. At that time I had no iPhone, no google maps, only a printed map of the city.

I arrived, I met the casting Director of Pierre George (now he’s working with Versace and Alexander Wang). Then he, too, was just starting and in his pocket was maybe five shows. He probably was just as nervous as me.

The most interesting thing in the fashion Week I have burnt my forehead. Going on auditions in the morning, straightened my hair and accidentally put a hot Curling iron to his forehead. Many poured me red spots on the face. I came for a fitting, they saw my face and said, “Thank you, bye!”. But Yigal Azrouël left me.

How do you manage to maintain perfect parameters? Make friends with the sport and whether on a special diet before a show?

Sports in General don’t do because you think you’re a lazy ass. I don’t feel the need yet to go to the gym because I figure no problem. As a model, I know my flaws, I know how the light should be set when shooting. Their appearance, in fact, I am much more critical than the other people.

When I see your photos, I’m not so I want them to look like when I started. Each frame seemed special, and now I look and think, “Oh, another shooting”. Sometimes a makeup artist makes me beautiful make-up, admires them, and I realize that I already 20 times was painting.

But there were cases when you were painting so awful that I wanted to go to wash?

Yes, I can go and Tinker with — I don’t like bright makeup and not like how I paint my brows. And so they quite thick and wide, and when they further emphasize, that my face remains as if only eyebrows.

Tell us about the most memorable shots that you have ever had.

The most easy and pleasant shoot was in the Maldives. I was in advertising of bathing suits, a long flight, but worked there for a half hour and rest for five days.

Of course, the ad campaign for Mugler. We filmed a video to try yourself as a heroine was amazing. Was built real jungle Studio, where birds were singing, were a real moss. Usually for filming this development do not, shoot in the green Studio, and then add graphics objects, but everything was real.

What scent brings back memories about childhood? Are there any iconic scents that you associate with important moments in life?

My grandmother was “Red Moscow”, the great — grandfather- Cologne “Sasha”. My mother is the person who in principle does not love perfume, have never not been home wardrobe of fragrances.

The smell of childhood — the fragrance prababushkin baking. I grew up with a grandmother for a long time, and not a day went by that she didn’t made: the sticks, pancakes, muffin.

I don’t have one favorite flavor (five of the home worth), I do not get attached to any one, but each of them adapted to the mood of the season. For example, Aura Mugler sweet, I use it in cold season.

You constantly travel round the world, from Paris to Hamburg. What favorite, you can choose any city on earth, where would you live?

Barcelona. Again, when just started working, twice a year, flew there for fashion Week. Always when I come there, there the sun, great food, paella is amazing, all the people are very happy, I love the atmosphere that reigns in this city. I have a number of Spanish friends appeared that I at some point began to understand the Spanish language. Couldn’t explain to them and say, but I understood.

The American media loves to compare you ishwarya Rai, how about this comparison and who is considered the standard of beauty?

I think I actually look like. For the first time told me that eight years ago, when I was still a baby face, cheeks, probably had some similarities: bright green eyes, dark hair. I believe that we do not like. If so, with whom to compare, so it is with Irina Shayk or Mila kunis. We at least one type. For me the ideal of beauty is Angelina Jolie.

How about the Topless shots?

Positive when it’s not cheesy. This is a very delicate moment. You can have bare Breasts, but you do not stand with her legs spread.

Whether they respond to negativity on social media?

Try not to react. Glad I have its very little. I rarely write malicious comments, and if you write mainly about his personal life. This is the only thing that bothers me. Everyone deserves their personal space and do not want to go there once again someone was climbing and tried to insert my two cents. Answers Hayter not scribble. I think that I’m smarter. If I answer, it is on the same level with this person will fall, so they prefer to ignore.

What is most unusual sent you direct?

Male genitalia. Although this is probably considered to be something commonplace. The more I get offers on the Dubai trip with the Prince for five thousand euros. Recently sent a photo of the tattoo is my portrait.

Tell us about your beauty and how you care for the skin.

I don’t know how to paint, because I don’t like. Standard set: concealer under the eyes Chanel mascara of the same brand, a little bit of highlighter, lip balm and curler for eyelashes.

I love make-up or men, although I believe that makeup better than women do. But not every woman can adequately appreciate the beautiful girl in front of me and make it attractive, so it won’t look worse than you.

I don’t do any beauty treatments except manicure and pedicure, but in new York even this is a huge problem. I live in Brooklyn and know where to find Russian salon, because usually manicures do Asians. The quality leaves much to be desired. I myself adjust the eyebrows and the manicure itself can do.

Do you feel uncomfortable in beauty salons, it seems like you all appreciate. For the same reason, can’t stand gyms. Come down and look at me and think: “Well you come here, anorexic, rattling bones, we’re trying to throw, and she’s standing there, showing off, you’d better go eat!”. By the way, if you could there is one product all my life, it would be potatoes. Love her in any form: fried, boiled, hash Browns.

With whom to make friends of colleagues?

Honestly, I don’t believe in friendship in a sort of work plan. Especially in the women’s team. I talk with Katya Grigorieva, Veronica Antipova, I will not continue to list, so nobody was offended.

Who are the models of today do you like?

It’s like asking an accountant who his favorite accountant. Everybody says, “I’m a professional, I’m the best”. I have no favorite model. I know how it is. At the moment I would call Irina Shayk, she’s one of those who are not trying to imitate others. When I met Ira, I realized that it is hardly something one can impose, are all good friends with her sincerely, she’s SuperCool. I respect these people who have achieved great heights and remain true to their values and remain in the Board ordinary people.

What do you think about the wave of popularity of models plus-size?

Don’t mean to offend, but I don’t believe those people who say they love themselves as they are. I can’t say about all, but definitely some laziness, some of it is beneficial, simply because they can make money on it, and a lot. If a person weighs 150 pounds and loses weight up to 50, I’m sure he’ll want to stay in this weight. But everyone chooses their own, not to condemn anyone.

Pamela Anderson believes that the women’s struggle for their rights in its current form is more damaging to society than beneficial. You agree with it?

I believe that our men oborzeli. All this is facilitated by the women themselves. It is already difficult to change anything in our society. It’s a little American style of family life, when people have lived together for 50 years, then decided to divorce and have nothing to share. Because all these 50 years each of them lived by himself. I absolutely do not want, so the dream is solely about the Russian husband. In any case, women your destiny, the man had his own.

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