Toronto airport is the slowest free Wi-Fi in North America (PHOTOS)

В аэропорту Торонто – самый медленный бесплатный Wi-Fi в Северной Америке (ФОТО)

In the ranking of the fastest Internet connections via free Wi-Fi in airports in North America leading position belongs to the Seattle/Tacoma in Washington state, USA. The rating does not include those airports where Wi-Fi is chargeable.

Airports with the slowest in North America, the Internet has become the airports of Toronto and Montreal (of 7.1 and 6.4 Mbit/s, respectively). It is reported that, nevertheless, these indicators have improved compared to last year.

It is noted that many airports since last year greatly improved the quality of connection and speed of Internet.

Information was collected from January to April 2018 from the site with those computers that accessed the site through the Wi-Fi of the airport.

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