Toronto opened the exhibition of the Shoe Manolo Blahnik (PHOTO)

В Торонто открылась выставка обуви Маноло Бланик  (ФОТО)

The opening of the exhibition on Wednesday at the Bata Shoe Museum (Bata Shoe Museum) dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the career of one of the most famous Shoe designers in the world. Manolo Blahnik, known for its tender boats and extravagant models in high heels, opened a solo exhibition in bath, the only Shoe Museum in North America, where the exhibition will stay for the next nine months.

On Tuesday evening, on the eve of the opening of the exhibition, Blahnik expressed the view that women should continue to love and wear high-heel shoes in an era of growing empowerment of women and the transition to a more comfortable Shoe. According to the designer, the shoes should not cause discomfort or pain.

“I have always brought women the confidence. And the shoes made it into a real power – he said. – If you buy terrible shoes, of course, you doom yourself to torture. But if you buy something stunningly beautiful, it could not be the suffering, ” said Blahnik.

Spanish designer became world famous after mentioning Cary Bradshaw from “Sex and City”, but his career began, however, long before the HBO shows. The first sensation in the world of fashion he made back in the 1970-ies, when shaken the trend of massive platforms and has released a collection of elegant and sophisticated high heels.

In 80-e years one of his most famous clients was Princess Diana. He called her “modest and incredibly good”, and also noted her love of the elegant but very simple shoes.

Elizabeth Semmelhack, senior curator at the Museum, says the exhibition represents a history of the development of career Manolo, where in different collections it is possible to observe the influence of the design of art and history that make the exhibition worthy of attention.

Although his style is often described as the “classic”, Semmelhack says that it is supposed to look like shoes, raised to the level of art. The exhibition is called “Manolo Blahnik: the art of the Shoe” and will run January 6, 2019.

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