Toronto police are trying to put an end to the armed violence with a new project (PHOTOS)

Полиция Торонто пытается положить конец вооруженному насилию с помощью нового проекта (ФОТО)

In one of the houses in Regent Park Toronto police discovered:

• Loaded weapon with a cut trunk;
• Two rifles equipped with telescopic sights;
• Dozens of boxes, filled to the brim with various types of ammunition.

This is only part of what police officers confiscated on Saturday evening, June 9, in a new initiative called Project Red Brick, which aims to reduce the number of crimes involving firearms in downtown Toronto.

“The level of armed violence has definitely increased in comparison with last year, said police inspector Tony Riviera of the 51 police departments. – This worries us”.

The warrants were issued the day after the start of the project that led to the arrest of four persons, including two minors.

“This is important because the type of weapon that was discovered and could cause harm to members of the local community, said Riviera.

All four detainees were jointly charged with seven counts related to possession of firearms and possession of marijuana.

The police usually runs initiatives such as Project Red Brick, every year around this time, however, the Riviera calls this “diverse by design” because it applies to several police stations in downtown Toronto − 14, 51, 52, and 55 in the Eastern part of the city.

Riviera says that on the streets in these neighborhoods will be more officers – both in form and in normal clothes.

“We observe the behaviour in the city centre and trying to come up with a way to mitigate or suppress such behavior, to guarantee that we’ll have a quiet summer,” added the Riviera.

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