Toronto public library invites citizens to join in the writing of the book (PHOTO)

Публичная библиотека Торонто приглашает горожан присоединиться к написанию книги (ФОТО)

Toronto public library has launched an original project in social network Twitter. He began with the fact that her employee Vickery Bowles wrote the first – introductory – offer to history, to connect to the writing of which can any of the citizens, if he has the desire. The task is to jointly write a book line by line.

“Toronto is home to so many diverse voices and people with different experiences, and this story will reflect their diversity, as you will learn through a combination of different thoughts, ideas and creativity,” said Bowles in a statement.

Using the hashtag #TorontoWritesABook, people tweeting their own versions of the next line. Every day, the library will offer two lines from which to choose, the best, by voting. The main requirement is that in the end, the story is supposed to be “a compelling and readable”.

According to the head of library public relations, Ana-Maria Critchley, the project will participate and “special guests” − a local city organizations, iconic figures and authors, including Catherine Hernandez, David Bezmozgis and Teresa Toten.

The project started in a social network August 7, 2018, and the volume of feedback while encouraging organizers. “Every day, line by line, people can share their ideas online. We just see it as an opportunity for the city to unite, to work together and create their own story,” said Critchley.

People can daily follow the continuation of the story on the page It is planned that the project will continue until the end of the month, but the management of the library can extend it if it gets popular.

The end story will be published on the website of the library and may be published.

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