Toronto – the second in the list of cities most suitable for the new headquarters of Amazon (PHOTOS)

Торонто - второй в списке городов, наиболее подходящих для новой штаб-квартиры Amazon (ФОТО)

In the race for second place right to the headquarters of the giant e-Commerce Amazon Toronto by the declared criteria, ahead of only new York, but because of the situation with the tax investment incentives the city may be lower in the list of candidate cities, according to a new analysis consulting firm.

Resonance company specializing in real estate, tourism and economic development, has placed 20 of the cities included in the list of contenders Amazon, according to how they performed in six key categories.

According to the analysis of Resonance, new York- the most suitable place for a second headquarters, and Toronto is in second place. The top five also includes Chicago, Northern Virginia and Los Angeles.

The company, however, cites two factors that may diminish the chances of Toronto winning. The lack of tax incentives noted in his application for participation is a negative factor. In addition, the recent statement by the leadership of Amazon that it will increase the number of jobs in Vancouver for 3 000, can “reduce the chances that they will choose another canadian city for a second headquarters”.

Resonance experts suggest that new York is unlikely to choose due to the lack of available office space, which is Chicago, Northern Virginia and Los Angeles are the most likely candidates.

In a message posted on the social network Twitter on Thursday morning, 17 may, Toronto mayor John Tory expressed his joy about the high position of the city in the list, but stressed that it only confirms what everyone already knew.

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