Toulon : he stabbed her ex several times in front of school children

Toulon : il poignarde son ex à plusieurs reprises devant l'école des enfants

The events took place Thursday afternoon in the district of Sainte-Musse in Toulon, in the Var.

Around 14: 00, a woman in her forties stood in front of the kindergarten Carnations, schooling her 3 children, when her ex-boyfriend broke.

This man, 42-year-old, armed with a knife, pounced on it and stabbed it several times.

The victim was transported to the hospital. His days are not in danger, but she is gravely injured in the chest and arm.

As for the author of the stabbing, he went himself to the police. He should be indicted for attempted murder as he has premeditated his actions.

The children were taken care of in the meantime that the state of health of their mother improves.