Toulouse: kept in view, yellow Jacket sets fire to his cell

Toulouse: gardé à vue, le Gilet jaune met le feu à sa cellule

A fire broke out on Saturday 23rd evening in a cell of the central police station of Toulouse, and 26 people in police custody had to be evacuated. Two police officers were slightly intoxicated.


The local forces of the order had to be evacuated. A man arrested Capitol square during the demonstration of the yellow Vests had set fire to his cell while in police custody at the central police station of Toulouse on Saturday night. Two people were slightly intoxicated and 26 in custody had to be taken to other police stations of the city.

As reported in La Dépêche du Midi, the facts took place shortly after 21h. By igniting cardboard and paper, he would have managed to set fire to his mattress. The fire, which has not spread elsewhere, was quickly circumscribed, but in the meantime, the office had to be completely evacuated. Two police officers were slightly intoxicated and transported to the hospital Purpan for exams, and a dozen others have been inconvenienced.

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The individual, aged 31 and living in Toulouse was “part of the groups that most agitated and excited yellow Vests of yesterday“. He was arrested during clashes between thugs and police forces on Capitol square.

According to the newspaper, he had then been spotted by the helicopter of the gendarmerie in the process of lighting a barricade. It should shortly be referred to a magistrate and indicted.

Saturday, during the manifestation of the movement of the yellow Vests, 19 protesters were arrested in the centre of Toulouse, according to the prefecture, who referred to the “throwing projectiles against the forces of order, destruction of urban furniture, as well as lights, barricades and a car“.


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