Toyota and Lexus will be equipped with an innovative system against theft

Toyota и Lexus оснастят инновационной системой против угона

Special tags will identify a stolen car.

The Toyota and Lexus cars are the most stolen in the world and that’s why the company has developed a way to protect against autothieves, reports the with reference to AvtoDream.

Now on bodies and parts of cars of these Japanese brands will put microchips in the form of points that will allow the police and insurance companies to track stolen cars.

Thus, it will be easy to find if listed the car as stolen. To see with the naked eye would be impossible, and to read them will be possible only with the help of special equipment.

Besides the microdots, the machine is protected VIN code, but if the past for stealing is not a problem and they can easily fake it, with a new design they can’t cope, even the replacement of some parts.

The first cars that the Japanese decided to protect steel Lexus ES and the Lexus UX.

Toyota и Lexus оснастят инновационной системой против угона

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