Toyota employees accidentally published a photo of the new Land Cruiser

Сотрудники Toyota случайно опубликовали фото нового Land Cruiser

The updated model will be called Land Cruiser GXR 2019.

In Instagram accidentally got photos of the updated SUV Toyota Land Cruiser, which will be sold as the model 2019. Motorists will be able to see him this fall, reports the with reference to AutoNews.

Land Cruiser GXR 2019 (and that is what we see in the photo) will get a small changes in body design. In particular, we noticed a more aggressive front spoiler and a restyled front bumper. As for the rear, it almost has not undergone any changes (except that a bit of a spoiler).

Apparently, small changes occur in the cabin of this SUV, but while we can’t say anything specific. But the engine lineup will remain the same. In any case, Toyota has not yet said that he wants to make some changes or upgrade existing units.

Also in Instagram accidentally got photos of the updated Lexus LX Black Edition S. in General, this is a sports version of the Lexus LX Superior. It is equipped with a 5.7 l V8 petrol engine, which is a Toyota Land Cruiser.

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