Toyota has released a new sports hatchback

Toyota выпустила новый спортивный хетчбек

GR Yaris Sport Toyota an apology before the European buyers who have not got a Toyota Yaris GRMN. It’s not the sporty Yaris to the lineup, but special dampers, powerful anti-roll bars and racing tires almost turn it into a serious camera, writes the with reference to Motorglobe

In fact the new Yaris Sport GR is the Toyota apology before the European buyers who have not got a Toyota Yaris GRMN. Almost racing hatchback, but released in very small editions. GR Sport is not as powerful as GRMN, but fuse it is much more than the standard girly hatchback. And after the debut at the Paris motor show, it will be available in Europe.

GR Sport line, as promised in the Toyota, it is a step backwards compared to the GRMN sports series. All improvements are aimed at obtaining better handling. The main one is the Sachs Performance shock absorbers and more powerful stabilizer bars, which at once stripped the suspension by 11 millimeters compared to the standard Yaris.

In addition to pendants, sport the new version of the Yaris not so much. This black 17-inch wheels and sport tires Bridgestone Potenza RE50, black roof and spoiler over the liftgate. Everything else – detail: black shell door mirrors, black molding above the sills, a black grille and fog lamp trim. For a fee you can get red accents on the front spoiler and the rear bumper.

The cabin is fitted with sports seats with combination upholstery, black dashboard and trim of suede and chrome. The coupe Toyota 86 kid borrowed almost racing transpicuity the wheel, but more powerful, never was.

In contrast to the same three-door Yaris GRMN, which is equipped with a 1.8-liter supercharged engine, the new Yaris GR Sport is only offered with five doors and with a-liter hybrid engine. All the details which will appear in Paris.

Toyota выпустила новый спортивный хетчбек

Toyota выпустила новый спортивный хетчбек

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