Tremblay pleads for bi-weekly collection

The frequency of the collection of residual materials titillates the advisor Deauville Pierre Tremblay. Claiming to have been approached by several of his fellow citizens, he would like the collection of black bins to be done every two weeks in the middle of summer. However, he notes, garbage cans will be emptied only once in July in his district.
“In the heart of July, it should feel the summer. In several streets of Sherbrooke, it smells like rubbish, “says the advisor.

“I receive many comments from my citizens about waste collection. Nauseating smells emerge and many have insect problems. Is it normal that in the middle of July garbage is picked up only once? In Brompton-Rock Forest-Saint-√Člie-Deauville, the collection only goes once in July, when it passes twice everywhere else. On the outskirts, it happens less often than downtown, “he adds.

“I find it terrific that Sherbrooke offers compost collection, we made a choice of society and I do not question that. However, some odorous substances, such as diapers, can not be found in compost. ”

Mr. Tremblay therefore believes that the collection of black bins should be done at least once every two weeks during the hot season. “When the bins are full, people put their garbage in the other bins. It’s bad sorting. ”

If, at first glance, certain boroughs or districts seem to be favored by the number of collections, it is because the calendar provided by the City lists two collections for weeks that overlap two different months, even though it is the same activity. In the end, the garbage is collected about 16 or 17 times a year, depending on the time of the last collection in December or the first of January.

The only exception is in the city center. Garbage trucks actually walk the streets every two weeks because of the presence of many apartments and because there is less space to put the bins on the street, says it to the City of Sherbrooke .

“It’s a question of health and quality of life for our city. Citizens have the right to live in a healthy environment, especially young families who have children at their beds. I hear about it almost every day. As of Saint John, there is no reason not to pick up trash every two weeks, “says Tremblay again.

The number of collections could, according to the City, be adjusted in the next budget if this was the will of elected officials. It is reported, however, that the city councilor did not communicate his requests to the services concerned.

Note that compostable materials are collected weekly from April to November.