Tribute to Chouard: Ruffin confesses a “error”

Hommage à Chouard: Ruffin confesse une "erreur"

“I had not seen how it could serve as a gateway” to the far right: the honourable member BIA François Ruffin confesses in an interview to the Point published on Thursday having made “a mistake” in paying homage to the teacher antilibéral controversial Etienne Chouard.

“For Chouard, this is probably an error on the map of humanity,” says the member of the Sum, when asked about the controversy triggered in December, when he stressed the supposed role of Mr. Chouard in the emergence of the Referendum on citizens ‘ initiative (RIC), while the latter had once expressed his interest to the essayist of the far-right Alain Soral.

“I hate that it makes pariahs: you know, this exclusion, it produces psychologies sick”, he explains. “The worry is that, beyond Chouard, his words, his confusion, in his debates swarm of tiny groups of the extreme right who make a point of support, a place of recruitment. (…) I had not seen how it could be used as a gateway.”

François Ruffin-tell “have published a paper very hard on Chouard, a few years ago, first on his ideal of a” true democracy+”.

“We had, it was still a thousand disagreements, but the main one, it was Alain Soral. I told him : +It is a fascist ideologist+”, he adds. “After that, Chouard has broken up with him, is not spent on the YouTube channel for the past four years. How long should the implementation of the ban, then ?”