Tricky Chileans have learned to brew beer from the fog

Хитрые чилийцы научились варить пиво из тумана

Ideal for local weather.

Chilean brewery Cerverceria Atrapaniebla brews beer out of the fog, reports the with reference to

Family brewery and is called “fog catcher”.

In other words just not to get water in the Atacama desert. So the Chileans figured out how to “collect” the fog and put it in the alcohol production.

In the Atacama rains are rare, and fogs are common. Craftsmen stretch the special grid on which drops are deposited, and so collect water.

This water is very clean, and it is considered ideal for beer.

Fame on the “beer out of the fog” has earned a family from the town of peña Blanca is one of the driest places on the planet. Two brothers exactly brew beer.

In that year the brewery produces only about 24 million liters of beer. More on the fogs will not weld. But these resources are enough for the creation of two types of drink brown ale and a Scottish ale.

By the way, in Chile misty drink is marked by several awards.

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