TRN opens investigation on suspicion of repeated use of the Lancet on the health fair Scarborough (PHOTOS)

ТPH открывает расследование по подозрению в повторном использовании ланцета на ярмарке здоровья Скарборо (ФОТО)

The Ministry of health Toronto (Toronto Public Health) started an investigation in respect of pharmacies, which carried out a free monitoring of glucose levels in the blood at the health fair Scarborough last week, in connection with the appearance of information on the re-use Lancet blood sampling.

The fair was organized in the recreation Centre of the village of Scarborough, 25 Mar Fund Vision Institute non-profit organization dedicated to providing social and medical support of the Bangladeshi community in Canada.

Shahid, Khandker, President of the Foundation Vision Institute, said that they received a message from the visitors of the fair, who saw that the volunteer was carrying out the test, not changed the Lancet, when he began to draw blood from her daughter. The woman called the ambulance service reporting the incident.

“Just after the message we asked closed the pharmacy and asked the employees to give an explanation, said Handers. The pharmacy said it was an honest mistake, if a patient has not been used other Lancet”.

Khandker, said several dozen people who have used this service, may be at risk.

“This was an unacceptable error if it occurred,” he said Khandker.

Employees of the Ministry of health of Toronto continue to investigate this incident. Dr. Chervin Sachdeva said in his statement that the Ministry has contacted the visitors of the fair, which could be affected in the incident, and advised them to go to the doctor for a blood test.

While some serious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and C, malaria can be spread through blood transfusions, Sachdeva drew attention to the fact that the probability of infection using a used Lancet is very low, and there is no risk for people who had just visited the fair and gave blood for analysis. In her statement, she stressed that such incidents are rare.

Pharmacy in respect of which the investigation began, participated in the fair in previous years, but Chandler said that in the past had no problems. In light of the ongoing investigation, he said, most likely the pharmacy will not be invited to participate in the fair next year.

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