Trump found a way to lose weight on burgers

Трамп нашел способ похудеть на бургерах

Trump cares about their health.

The lawyer of the American President Rudy Giuliani told reporters that when he dined with trump at the Golf club, he ordered a Burger with annealing burgers well-done and a-half of bread, reports the with reference to

Nutritionist Nicola Ludlam-Rhine noted that the choice of food cannot be called healthy, but confirmed that trump is trying to reduce the consumption of calories and carbohydrates. In her opinion, the President would have to abandon red meat and go for sandwiches made with whole-wheat bread with chicken and salad.

According to The Independent, during the election campaign the traditional trump dinner consisted of two big Macs, two fish burgers “Filet-o-fish” and a chocolate milkshake. Then trump allegedly eating burgers without buns, liberally pouring cutlets with ketchup.

In early March it was reported that the American President was forced to temporarily give up burgers for your diet. The chief White house doctor diagnosed him with early onset obesity, was advised to eat less fat and carbohydrates and more exercise.

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