Trump has accused the Canadians of smuggling goods from the United States (PHOTOS)

Трамп обвинил канадцев в контрабанде товаров из США (ФОТО)

The President of the United States Donald trump accuses Canadians that they are being purchased South of the border, and then secretly carry the purchased items home – all because of what he called “huge” tariffs on American goods.

Trump, speaking at a meeting with small business owners in Washington, D.C. in his speech, again negatively spoke about the North American free trade agreement (NAFTA), stating that the United States can no longer afford to be “stupid country.”

He reiterated that Canada imposed such high duties on products from the US such as the shoes, so people are forced to “wear it” to “secretly bring in” home.

Trump said that he hoped to support American farmers and manufacturers, and once again raised the question about supply management of dairy products from Canada.

His comments related to the fact that the official opposition in Canada requires in the House of Commons emergency debate on the future of trade between Canada and the United States.

Critic in the field of international relations from the Conservative party Erin O’toole believes that Canadians need to understand what favorites they government is now trying to cope with the biggest economic crisis in their lives, however, the speaker of the house of Commons Geoff Regan said in response that such a problem does not meet the requirements for emergency debate.

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