Trump has imposed a state of emergency

Трамп ввел режим чрезвычайного положения

On Friday, February 15, the President of the United States Donald trump signed a document on the introduction of emergency rule, the southern border of the country that will allow him to obtain funds in the amount of about $8 billion for the construction of the wall without the approval of Congress. This was reported by his press Secretary Sarah Sanders, published in Twitter a photo of the US President behind the Desk in the oval office.

“The President signs Declaration of national state of emergency to combat the crisis with national security and humanitarian crisis on the southern border,” wrote Sanders.
According to approved on the eve of the Congress the initiative, $333 billion will be allocated to Finance about a quarter of the government, particularly the state Department, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of trade and Ministry of internal security. For the rest of the state institutions, the legislators managed to approve the allocation of funds to September 2019.