Trump has indirectly accused of the new offense

Трампа косвенно обвинили в новом правонарушении

Former acting head of the FBI’s Andrew McCabe said in an interview aired by CBS News on February 17 that the US President Donald trump may have broken the law in the dismissal of the head of the FBI in 2017. This was written by the Associated Press.

According to him, “maybe the crime was committed” in the moment when trump fired the head of the FBI and tried to openly undermine the investigation by the Agency ties its election headquarters with Russia.

We are talking about the dismissal in may 2017 James Comey, who at that time held the post of Director of the FBI.

“The idea is that if the President had obstructed justice, dismissed the Director of the FBI, to impair or to cover up our investigation of ill-intentioned actions of Russia and, possibly, for his election campaign, as an investigator, counterintelligence, you have to ask yourself: “why would the President of the United States to do?” said McCabe in the program “60 minutes.”