Trump may agree to capture Putin of the Baltic States: in the United States made an alarming statement

Трамп может согласиться на захват Путиным стран Балтии: в США сделали тревожное заявление

The President of the United States Donald trump hypothetically still be able to play along with the Kremlin, as I refused loud campaign promises. But since the onset of the congressional investigation Russia in the United States are perceived quite differently. In an interview with the “FACTS” stated famous Russian-American historian Yuri Felshtinsky.

The historian said that neither trump nor Putin has not said publicly about the rejection of reference previously agreed policy. “From time to time in various speeches of the American President is still heard the words that his electoral program will be fully implemented“, — noted Felshtinsky.

Have been agreed in advance to some subsequent action. The tramp of their repeatedly voiced during the election campaign. This is primarily the removal of anti-Russian sanctions, the dissolution of NATO or the US withdrawal from NATO, the recognition of the occupation of the Crimea and the so-called Lugansk and Donetsk “people’s republics”, the consent of the United States to expand the scope of influence of Russia, maybe even the occupation of the whole Ukraine and the Baltic States…“—said the historian.

No one said the Kremlin from this program refused and taken trump the obligation Putin removed. However, due to the outbreak in America of the scandal and the congressional investigation… for the first time the Russian Federation from the category of an ally and partner moved into the category of opponent and even enemy of the US. And it is entirely “merit” of the President of Russia“, — summed up Felshtinsky.

About how many in Russia may last for a period of Putin’s rule, in an interview with Felshtinsky “Habits of Putin — bandit-KGB, he’s just a boor.”

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