Trump pulls out his first veto to fund the wall promised in the campaign

Trump d├ęgaine son premier veto pour financer le mur promis en campagne

Willing to do anything to defend the wall on the border between the United States and Mexico repeatedly promised, the president, Donald Trump has made use on Friday for the first time, of its veto to block a resolution of the Congress.

The Senate has imposed on Thursday, a real snub to the former business man of new york by voting, with the support of twelve senators of his own republican, a text blocking the emergency procedure that he ordered them to unlock the funds dedicated to the construction of the building controversial.

“Congress has the freedom to vote on this resolution and I have the duty to oppose my veto,” quipped the u.s. president from the oval Office.

“It is a resolution that is dangerous”, he added at a signing ceremony where he was surrounded by several members of his team, as to counteract the image of a president isolated after the real slap in the face policy received the previous day.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been as proud to be standing alongside you today,” quipped the vice-chairman Mike Pence. “The fact that it is an emergency situation is undeniable”, has ushered the minister of internal Security Kirstjen Nielsen.

It seems highly unlikely that Congress could override the presidential veto because it would require a two-thirds majority in both chambers.

For several days, Mr. Trump has tried tweets to support, put pressure on the republican senators in order to avoid this setback which falls into a particularly difficult period.

Wednesday evening, it is its foreign policy, and in particular its strong support without nuance to saudi Arabia, which has been nailed to the pillory, also with republican votes: the Senate has approved a resolution urging him to stop all american support for the coalition of saudi arabia in the war in Yemen.

The House of representatives should approve this measure. And Donald Trump has, also, provided to the block by a veto.

– “Invasion” –

To ensure that funds are made available promptly to the “beautiful wall” touted during his gatherings “Make America Great Again,” Mr. Trump also had defended, unsuccessfully, the constitutionality of its decision to use this exceptional procedure to get around eight billion dollars.

The debate is not theoretical: it is because they believe that he has trampled, with this measure, the powers of the Congress, as many republican senators supported the resolution, democrat.

The ex-presidential candidate in 2012, Mitt Romney, has explained to want to vote “in favor of the Constitution.”

“People don’t like the word invasion but that is indeed what this is,” quipped Mr. Trump on Friday, referring to the illegal immigration, and denouncing a vote of the elected members of Congress “against the reality”.

In total, 59 senators out of 100 have supported a resolution democrat proclaiming that the national emergency declared by the president on February 15, 2019 was “cancelled”.

Vehemently opposed to the wall of Donald Trump, the head democrat Nancy Pelosi pleads rather for a strengthening of control measures at border points. Their iron arms around this question plunged the United States into the longest paralysis budget in their history, for 35 days between December and January.

Fifteen States have also brought the matter before the courts.

Their complaint, filed in a federal court in California, challenging the emergency nature of the situation at the border, based on data published by ministries or federal agencies, such as customs and border protection (CBP) who write that “the illegal entries are at the lowest for 45 years”.