Trump threatens to punish Saudi Arabia for the murder of a journalist

Трамп грозится наказать Саудовскую Аравию за убийство журналиста

Saudi officials deny the charges, U.S. President Donald trump called for “severe punishment” against Saudi Arabia if the country will be guilty of the disappearance of journalist Jamal Hackage. About it reports the with reference for a New time.

Trump promised to “reveal the truth” about the incident with the journalist in the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Turkey.

According to the publication, the US President promised to discuss the “appalling situation in Turkey” with the king of Saudi Arabia during a telephone conversation.

Previously, trump has tried to establish good relations with the state. He also ruled out the end of major military contracts with the US with the Kingdom on the basis of job losses.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of foreign Affairs of great Britain develops the sanctions list of the security forces and officials of Saudi Arabia in connection with the disappearance of the journalist.

Recall Kalkaji disappeared on 2 October after a visit to Consulate of Saudi Arabia, where he is expected to obtain the necessary marriage documents. Sources in the police admitted that a journalist was likely killed inside the building.

Saudi officials deny the accusations, saying that Hackage left the Consulate building.

Turkish Pro-government newspaper Sabah published pictures of alleged members of the “kill squad”, which maybe involved in the disappearance of a Saudi journalist. Their faces managed to install thanks to the pictures taken by surveillance cameras at the airport and the hotels where they stopped.

12 Oct Turkey informed the US authorities about the presence of audio and video evidence of the murder of journalist Kalkaji the Consulate of Saudi Arabia.

Records of the Turkish intelligence suggests that Hackage was detained at the Consulate on October 2, and then killed and dismembered.

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