Trump would have invented facts during a meeting with Trudeau

US President Donald Trump, in a speech at a fundraising event in Missouri, bragged about facts about Canada-US trade United at a recent meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, according to a recording obtained by The Washington Post.

The newspaper says in its online edition that Trump told Mr. Trudeau that the US had a trade deficit with Canada, without knowing if it was true or not.

When Mr. Trudeau replies that this is false, Mr. Trump says he answered, “You’re wrong, Justin, you have one.”

The American president then adds: “I did not know if it was true … I did not know anything about it”.

Mr. Trump then asked someone to check what Mr. Trudeau said.

This employee reportedly told Mr. Trump that the United States has a $ 17 billion US trade deficit with Canada, but only if energy and lumber are taken into account. Otherwise, no deficit exists.

Mr. Trump often complains about a trade deficit between Canada and the United States. But a recent presidential economic report, signed by Trump, contradicts many of his trade allegations – including the one about the existence of a trade deficit with Canada.

Instead, it says that Canada is one of the few countries in which the United States has a surplus of about $ 2.6 billion.

The US ambassador to Canada until January, Bruce Heyman, said on Twitter Thursday that “lying to your friends is just damaging the relationship. Canada has always been here for us. How can one simply damage this relationship? You (Mr. Trump) should be ashamed! “He then accuses the president of” simply sacrificing Canada. It’s really bad. ”

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