TTC is going to completely switch to environmentally friendly buses (PHOTO)

TTC собирается полностью перейти на экологически чистые автобусы (ФОТО)

Toronto mayor John Tory on Saturday, April 21, first owner learned about what are three different types of “all-electric eBuses buses” included in the replacement program for the TTC vehicles on environmentally friendly.

All-electric buses make harmful emissions to the atmosphere, and they do not need diesel fuel. They are manufactured by three companies: BYD, Proterra and New Flyer. It is expected that by March 2019 transportation services TTC will receive 30 buses − 10 from each manufacturer for a total of $50 million. A portion of this amount invested by the governments of Canada and Ontario.

After sitting behind the wheel of one of the showpieces of the bus in the Institute Richview Collegiate Institute, mayor Tory told reporters in Etobicoke, TTC is committed to 2040 to switch completely to public transportation, which does not make harmful emissions.

“I don’t think that people already know about the significance of the initiative made in Toronto – by 2040 to abandon public transport, which pollutes the atmosphere. Sounds like it will be a long road, but it is necessary to begin, − said the tories environment Day, celebrated by the community constituency 4. − In Toronto we take great care in fulfilling our goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

John Tory explained that the TTC buses operate on diesel fuel, and therefore a bad influence on the environment. The city authorities and the transport service are going to replace them with eBus buses run on environmentally friendly technologies. According to the mayor, the TTC will test the buses “in our climate, on our streets,” for next spring.

Boehm Case, who heads the program for the update of the TTC buses, explained that during the tests will measure the speed of the buses, to determine its range and how well vehicles operate at different temperatures, and how to open their doors under different weather conditions.

“For us, these buses are brand new,” said Keyes.

The Board of Directors of TTC that approved the purchase of buses in November 2017, which subsequently will create all the necessary infrastructure for charging the vehicles.

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