“Tuition per year pay less”: what netizens think about new products from Apple

New products from Apple

Yesterday in the “Theatre of Steve jobs” in California was long awaited by all Apple fans, the presentation of advanced gadgets from Apple. Innovations were many: this smart watch is capable of minutes to do an ECG, and a new iPhone from stainless steel with an improved camera and increased memory, and more affordable smartphone models, featuring a variety of colors and original design.

An annual event from Apple, as always, provoked a strong reaction online polzovataley. Some were delighted with the news and have already begun to wrestle with where to take money. Others were skeptical of the new “Apple” products and began to let go of sarcastic jokes aside Apple developers.

SPLETNIK.RU promonitorit social networks and gathered very conflicting opinions of Internet users regarding the presentation of the company.

And what about this you say?

And you will buy new products from Apple?

Of course, I’m a fan of “Apple”!No, I will go with the old-I never had a product from Apple, and not buy sobiralsja spend the money on travel

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