Tuners have modified the legendary sedan Mercedes-Benz 190E

Тюнеры доработали легендарный седан Mercedes-Benz 190E

One of the most impressive options of tuning. With the right approach, even the most ordinary-looking elderly model can be turned into something special. What can we say about the Mercedes that just has to look cool at any age, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on the center.

With these thoughts, one of the engineers of General Motors decided to breathe new life into your old sedan Mercedes-Benz 190E 1984.

First and foremost, “Baby Benz” as it was called this model in the ‘ 80s, got a stylish body kit from the company Zender. According to the owner, similar styling is quite exclusive, as he has not met Mercedes 190E in a completely similar design.

To match the exterior, the engineer decided to pick up a suitable engine. In the end, under the hood of the red sedan is a 500-horsepower turbo engine, which Mercedes 190E could be the sound of the exhaust system to confuse with modern AMG versions, not available for models in those days.

Adored by the Americans a quarter mile (402 m) sverhsekretnye sedan is impressive for 12.5 seconds. But the winner model considers a result of insufficient and intends to continue the refinement of the power unit. Perhaps, the main purpose of will be cherished for any drag racer for 10 seconds?

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