Tunisia: 11 infants dead in two days in a maternity of Tunis

Tunisie: 11 bébés morts en deux jours dans une maternité de Tunis

The minister of Health has resigned in Tunisia after the death of 11 infants in two days in a maternity of Tunis. These deaths occurred between Thursday 7 and Friday 8 are not yet explained with certainty.

It is the shock to Tunis. Between Thursday and Friday of last week, 11 neonates hospitalized in a maternity were killed in circumstances which remain somewhat unclear.

The announcement was made by the ministry of Health on Saturday the 9th, before the minister, Abderraouf Cherif, himself does not resign in the face of the outcry.

According to the ministry, the deaths are “probably” due to a “septic shock” caused by a blood infection. A survey is in progress and first findings “are moving towards a nosocomial infection severe”.

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It is also likely that the small have contracted this infection during their hospitalization, particularly through “a product of parenteral nutrition”, that is to say, administered by a gastric tube, as underlined by Franceinfo.

The controversy is alive in Tunisia and the tunisian company of pediatrics has denounced “the precarious conditions in which exercise professionals to health and the urgency of taking decisions to save the public hospital”.

The decline in the quality of care had also been the subject of an alert from the president of the tunisian society of pediatrics a few months ago had pointed out that the situation of the maternity of the Rabta, where died the 11 new-born infants.

The prime minister Youssef Chahed, has assured that “those responsible for failure (would be) pursued”.

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