Turns out the 2nd season of free educational programs for immigrants in new York

Turns out the 2nd season of free educational programs for immigrants in new York

Author: Anastasia Bielsko

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Today, the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA) has announced the release of the new season, We Speak NYC is a free program to learn English and adapt in new York for immigrants formerly known as We Are New York (WANY).

The second season of the educational TV show, winning two Emmy Awards, will focus on issues such as mental health, rights of workers, care for elderly family members and preschool education.

According to MOIA analysis, since its launch WANY helped more than 9 thousand immigrants from 31 countries not only significantly improve your English and expand your vocabulary, but also to adapt to the new environment.

“Such an effective programme for the study of language, how We Speak, NYC, open for new Yorkers new doors. — said mayor De Blasio. — Although our city is proud to say more than 150 languages, many people want to improve their English, and we are ready to provide them whatever it takes. If we help immigrants to reach their potential by providing the necessary resources, we will make our city a better place for all its residents.”

What We Speak NYC

We Speak NYC is an educational television show that is produced by the office of the mayor of new York and City University of New York.

The first season of training dramedy was released in 2009. In each of the 10 series told stories of immigrants in the Big Apple: with their help the audience received tips on adapting to a new country, as well as information about city services and resources.

In the tradition of the 7 new episodes that will be released almost 10 years later, will be devoted to Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Spanish-, Russian -, and English-speaking communities. In parallel with the release of the series on the official website of We Speak NYC will be posted themed learning materials.

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