TVA Sports: CRTC order to maintain the signal

(OTTAWA) The TVA Sports channel signal will have to be maintained for Bell subscribers, otherwise the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) will “automatically” suspend its operating license.

The agency announced Thursday it had imposed on TVA Group an order requiring it to comply with its regulations. Registered in the Federal Court, it will become an order of the Court, it was specified.

“Failure to comply with the order may result in contempt proceedings and the Court has the power to impose fines or other remedies as it deems appropriate,” the CRTC said communicated.

“In addition, should TVA Group once again retain or interfere with TVA Sports ‘signal prior to the resolution of this dispute, TVA Sports’ license will automatically be suspended for as long as Bell Canada is denied the signal,” we added.

“The CRTC is very concerned about TVA Group’s actions. Not only are their actions a serious violation of our regulations, but hundreds of thousands of Canadians have been deprived of a service they subscribe to, “said CRTC President Ian Scott.

“We made it clear to TVA Group that we were going to take all the necessary steps to put an end to this unfair practice. Holding a license is a privilege and not a right, “he added.

This decision comes a day after the two parties in dispute, Bell and Quebecor, appeared in Gatineau on an emergency basis. The hearing gave rise to strong statements from both sides.