Twenty-two years after his disappearance in 1997, the Crystal reappears

Vingt-deux ans après sa disparition en 1997, Crystal réapparaît

Crystal Haag had gone missing on April 26, 1997, at the age of 14 years, to Baltimore, Maryland (United States). On this day, the girl was gone to buy milk and cereal in the grocery store where his mother worked. Since there was no news.

It is that 22 years later she has resurfaced. Crystal has contacted her sister on facebook last march. The sister then immediately contacted Cinthya, their mother. The latter didn’t believe him at first, but seeing the photo of Crystal old today 36-year-old, she had little doubt.

That is what has happened during these 22 years ? The day of her disappearance, Crystal was wandering the streets of the city until dawn.

In the weeks that followed, she slept outside, before living of small jobs. She then found a real job, changed her name, learned Spanish and had 4 children as his mother.

This is when his eldest son reached the age of 20 years, and has pressed questions about her origins and her family, that she has decided to resume contact with his family and that she sent a message on the page Facebook of his sister.

To justify his disappearance in 1997, Crystal revealed that she was raped regularly by her neighbor. He had started abusing her from the age of 9 years. She asked her mother to move in 1997, it was denied.

Crystal thought that her mother knew that she was abused by her neighbour, but Cynthia swears that she had seen nothing at the time.
However, Crystal returned to live in Baltimore and sees her mother regularly, in a spirit of reconciliation.