Twitter plans to hide posts “trolls”

Twitter планирует скрывать сообщения «троллей»

The behavior of some trolls can call it fun.

The microblogging service Twitter intends to apply the new algorithms to hide a provocative message and stop “trolling”.

“One of the important problems on which we worked are the so-called “trolls”. The behavior of some trolls can call it fun, good and humorous, but today we’re talking about behavior that distorts distorts and diminishes public communication on Twitter”, — stated in the statement.

It is noted that to fight against such users will be subject to special inspection and machine learning. Algorithms the network will respond to a special “behavioral cues”.

In the end, based on the dataset provocative message will be hide before they complain to other users of the social network.”As a result, people contributing to a healthy conversation, will be more prominent in the thread of the conversation and the search”, — told in the company.

Specifies that to identify a “Troll” and “trolling” is planned, in particular, to check whether the user confirmed his email address is his account in any way with those people who violate the rules of the social network and how these accounts interact.

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