Two boys of 7 and 8 years of torturing to death a 3 year old child

Deux garçons de 7 et 8 ans torturent à mort un enfant de 3 ans

A child, aged 3 years, had gone missing Saturday afternoon in Germiston, in South Africa, while her family had left to play outside.

When dad heard that a body had been found in a garbage dump, he went immediately to the scene and discovered the lifeless body of the boy.

The crime scene was terrible : his son was covered with wounds.

Two children, aged 7 and 8 years old, have been heard on Monday by investigators and what they have revealed is cold in the back.

The two boys have confessed that they tied up the child, before the stoning and beating him to death in the wasteland.

“If they came in front of me today, I did not say anything. Excuses don’t bring them not my son. ” said the father collapsed.