Two “bullfinch-pizza with no sauce” and the Russian-speaking blood: the Network has made fun of the fake reports…

Две «снегирь-пиццы без соуса» и русскоязычная кровушка: в Сети высмеяли фейковые сообщения о...

Users of social networks with humor and jokes have noted the emergence of another fake “Donbass news” about the impending “attack” by the Ukrainian military in order to get food and clothing.

In particular, a “source” reported that “even on the eve of a large-scale campaign in the Donbas,” the Ukrainian authorities “clamped” to its military provisions, which they will be forced hard to storm positions of terrorists.

“Until another 4 days, and I’m the last one Packed with guys eaten today, and the way the shoes we summer. In General, if briefly naked and barefoot. So go on the offensive to at least some food and clothing in dilandu to meet”, — says in a joking manner the user under the name “Stirlitz”.

“Send galoshes! Me and my wife and Toto! And the ones sent last week, etc.))))) Roots knew something!!!”, with equal irony meets him “albert”.

“Stirlitz me please: 2 ablackberry without cucumber, CenterRussia 9pcs with sour-clickinlove sauce, and 2 cigirette. Oh and desert horn epilepticheskie grandmother, the top bit mounting warblers (go on a diet, it is necessary for the figure to follow). And if you drink 2 0.5-speaking blood of ice”, — develops the theme of another user.

“Beware the people hole, fierce APU you namkat”, — sums up the statements of the friends of another user.

As previously reported “FACTS” users community “Stirlitz-info” in Facebook said that Russia continues to transfer military equipment in the occupied Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea. The transfer of technology and manpower takes place on the newly constructed occupiers of the Crimea (Kerch) bridge. Users have also expressed the opinion that now the bridge just collapses.

“The Donetsk and agencies” tell us that “the hunger of the Ukrainian military” intend to “restock food and clothing” in the so-called “nedorespublikah”

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