Two canadian women narrowly escaped death when the bridge collapsed in Italy (PHOTOS)

Двое канадок чудом избежали гибели при обрушении моста в Италии (ФОТО)

Two canadian students-travelers were dissatisfied with the delay in the movement of their trains in Italy, but as it turned out, only a few minutes separated them from death when the bridge collapsed. This tragedy Tuesday, August 14, claimed the lives of 20 people.

Two girls from Toronto, the 23 − year-old Tamar brezg and the 22-year-old Melissa light – still trying to fathom what happened.

“Our train had to pass under that bridge in a few minutes – maybe even less than five, said the Brezg. We just avoid it, just avoid it.”

A huge part of the Morandi bridge (which is the main highway connecting Italy and France) in the port city of Genoa collapsed on Tuesday during a sudden violent storm together with those on her machine. According to available information, 20 people died and many more were injured.

The brezg and the light went from nice to Milan, when suddenly the storm started.

“When the bridge collapsed was really a terrible thunder and lightning, so I figured I’d just hear the thunder, but we were so close that, perhaps, I heard something breaking, but just thought it was the sound of a storm,” admitted the Brezg.

The train, which went to girls, a few times stayed for a short time in the path, whereupon the unplanned, stood at the station near the airport in Genoa. The staff of the train has not announced the exact causes delays, so the girls didn’t know what was happening. Passengers thought it was the usual problems along the way.

After some time, Canadians who don’t speak Italian, began to try to figure out what happened, the neighbors on the car. Then told them about the disaster and started to show the photos of the collapsed bridge, which appeared on the Internet.

“At first we thought that there was a train wreck. Then I realized that the bridge collapsed − told Breshe. – We were so close to the scene, they could hear the sirens.”

After about two hours the train was sent to Genoa, and the girls were able to see the bridge from afar.

“He has lost integrity. Part of him was the gaping void, − said light. − It’s crazy. We are both very grateful that were in train at the time of the crash, and not under the bridge. It definitely seems surreal.”

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