Two children stabbed to death in the Vosges, the mother suspected

Deux enfants poignardés à mort dans les Vosges, la mère suspectée

Two children of 4 and 10 years were found dead at the home of their mother, on Wednesday the 20th in the evening in the Vosges. The mother, in a state of shock, could not be questioned and was hospitalised.

The mother could not be heard in view of the state after the drama, but already the thesis of a double infanticide is mentioned. His two children, a boy and a girl of 4 and 10 years, were found at his side, stabbed several times.

The drama took place at Neufchâteau (Vosges) on Wednesday in the evening. The emergency services have received the call from the mother who asked for help at his home. Teams of rescue units and firefighters were dispatched to the spot and discovered a terrible sight.

The two children had been stabbed at the level of the vital organs, while “prostrate and delirious, the mother only asked one thing, die”, reports Vosges-Morning. “Can only be understood in the light of his psychological condition, she was interned”. The technicians in identifying criminal were summoned to the scene.

The mother was divorced and lived separately from her husband since the month of August. If it appears as suspect in this double murder, the investigators will not question him when his condition allows. No other track had not been raised in the aftermath of the tragedy.

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A cell psychological needs to be in place by the city to the destination of pupils attending the school of the two little victims.

A drama similar happened last week in the Dordogne. The two girls, a couple seeking divorce were found dead at the side of their father also died.

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