Two men executed after being raped and stabbed a boy of 12 years

Deux hommes exécutés après avoir violé et égorgé un garçon de 12 ans

Wadah Refat, 28 years old, and Mohamed Khaled, 31-year-old were convicted of having kidnapped, raped and killed a boy of 12 years old, and have been sentenced to death.

The events took place last may in Aden, Yemen.

The child was playing in the street when the two men were caught in the house of one of the two pedophiles where they were violated in turn.

As the victim wouldn’t stop crying then one of two of the accused pulled out a knife and he killed him and cut throat.

The two pedophiles were executed on the public square in front of a crowd of a hundred people. They have been lying on the belly, before being killed with an automatic weapon.

A woman of 33 years old has also been sentenced to death for having helped the two pedophiles to be cut into pieces the corpse of the victim. As she is pregnant, her execution was postponed to a later date.