Two new image of Melania trump: austerity and elegance above all else

Melania Trump

The last day for Donald and Melania trump turned out to be very rich. Yesterday the US President and his wife participated in the celebration of the Day of gratitude to the mothers and spouses of soldiers in the United States.

During a speech her husband Melania stood and then walked up to the podium and said a celebratory speech. For the event, wife of the U.S. President chose elegant look and appeared before the audience in the dark blue dress-coat with the wide leather belt at the waist. The couple was in an excellent mood and showed their tender feelings in public.

Donald and Melania trump

Several hours later, Donald and Melania trump left the White house and went to Andrews air force base to greet released from North Korea American citizens.

For travel Melania chose black-and-white pantsuit, not quite a classic, but elegant and very stylish, black t-shirt and classic pumps. In a fitted jacket of average length Melania wore a very topical today culottes, which though are not for everyone, it looked great.

His wife first lady of the United States held fast by the hand, and once again made it clear that their marriage now reign full vzaimoponimanie and harmony.

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