Two truncated human and the head of a woman discovered on beaches

Deux troncs humains et la tĂȘte d'une femme dĂ©couverts sur des plages

Two truncated human as well as the head of a woman have recently been found washed up on the coast of the tourist beaches of the south-eastern part of Thailand.

A first body of a man without a head, with lacerations to the neck, was discovered at the beach of Mae Ramphueng, in the province of Rayong. A tattoo with English words appeared on his forearm, according to the website the Thaiger pharma.

According to initial findings, his death is thought to be a week.

A second trunk was discovered 10 km further on the beach. The man, also without a head, wore only underwear. His death is thought to be ten days.

Already, a few days earlier, a fisherman had rescued in the water the head of a woman.

The investigators do not rule out the hypothesis that all of these dastardly discoveries are connected to one and the same case. Post-mortem examinations will be carried out in the next few days.