Tyson in his youth wanted to pay for a fight with a gorilla

Тайсон в молодости хотел заплатить за драку с гориллой

Famous boxer Mike Tyson shared a funny memory of youth, reports “Soviet sport”.

Fighter in 1986 was in the new York city zoo and saw the cage with the gorillas. One of the males behaved aggressively towards others, then Tyson suggested the zookeeper $10 Grand to let him in the cage with the gorillas. “Iron Mike” wanted to fight with the alpha male.

“The rest of the gorillas were the eyes of innocent children. I wanted to run into the cage and to calm the evil big guy. But the guard did not agree to let me in,” laughed Tyson.

Recall that in 1987, at the age of 21 years, the boxer became the absolute world champion in heavy weight category and remained so until 1990.