U.S. begins formal withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate

США начинают формальный выход из Парижского соглашения о климате

On Monday, the administration of Donald trump (Donald Trump) announced that it will officially come out of the Paris agreement on climate. This is the first official step in the annual process of emerging from a historic global Treaty to reduce emissions of gases, heating the planet.

“Today, the United States began the process of withdrawal from the Paris agreement,” said Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. He noted that US officials had issued the notice in the United Nations. The output will be a full year after dispatch of the notification.

This message is a strong signal to the rest of the world, inasmuch as the adverse effects of climate change become more apparent, America, which, according to a recent analysis, made the greatest contribution to global warming than any other country, will not be part of the international solution to the crisis. The US withdrawal from the agreement would harm the reputation of the country internationally, according to political analysts and environmentalists.

“The credibility of the us is actually at a record low, when it is most needed,” said Andrew light, senior fellow world resources Institute and former employee of the State Department, who helped in the negotiations for the Paris agreement on behalf of the Obama administration.