Uber will constantly test the skills of their drivers

Uber будет постоянно проверять квалификацию своих водителей

Uber will constantly test the skills of their drivers

Author: Vadym Matus

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Uber, the US taxi

Such a decision the company Uber, who created a mediation service for private drivers and passengers, adopted in connection with the frequent complaints from the latter, says Axios.

Uber is already working with companies to monitor the quality of customer service Checkr and Appriss. Since July, the results of audits 25 drivers were deprived of the opportunity to work with Uber.

However, according to the founders of the service, periodic monitoring may not give a stable effect. Firstly, not the fact that after the successful confirmation of the qualification of the drivers dropped out of the field of view of the inspectors, will continue to “keep the brand”. Second, every time after the disqualification of drivers have the opportunity to prove their professionalism and to return to the service, bringing with them old problems. After all, being the owners car, they have more rights than employees of other taxi services.

So Uber decided to test their employees on a regular basis. Thanks to the database Appriss, the company will obtain information about each manifestation of its drivers of incompetence, and disrespect or aggression towards passengers.

Uber is a relatively young service, designed for comfortable taxi and track car using the online application. Since the launch in 2009, the service cooperated with owners of luxury cars. Today, the company’s vehicle fleet, which has already become international, there are cars of different types. The project enjoys great popularity around the world. So, in 2017, signed a contract on merger with the Russian service “Yandex. Taxi”.

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