UFO researcher found a rectangular object on the photographs of the lunar surface

Уфолог обнаружил прямоугольный объект на фотографиях лунной поверхности

The origin of the object remains unknown.

Popular Scottish ufologist George Graham, who discovered the photos of the moon many amazing anomalies shared with your subscribers information about your new discovery, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to Esoreiter.

The researcher reports that treated images of Earth’s natural satellite, made in China by the automatic interplanetary spacecraft “Chang’e-3” and noticed on one of the frames of perfectly smooth black box impressive size! But how is this possible?

Skeptics are constantly accused of ufologists that they give for the anomalies of various bizarre-looking stones, however their arguments will be powerless. Nature, devoid of right angles, could not create the moon rectangular parallelepiped. That is a volume object that is real, and not some random illusion, point lighting and the shadow cast by them. Include the following video, you will be able to see this amazing discovery with my own eyes.

Just don’t expect a world sensation, lamented Graham. Scientists will either ignore this news, or will get off with a statement that all the fault of the fault of the camera or something like that. They don’t pay what is not the truth, but even the slightest interest in cooperating with independent researchers of the moon.

Many commentators on YouTube have been very impressed with this item and immediately thought of the cult science fiction film “Space Odyssey 2001”, the plot of which is similar alien artifacts, called the “black monoliths” and influenced the course of human evolution have been found on Earth, the moon and the orbit of Jupiter.

Find Graham this time so impressed the Internet users that even not one of skepticism.

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