Ufologists are puzzled by an alien with a backpack

Уфологов озадачил пришелец с рюкзаком

Ufologists stirred strange photo. A team of ufologists studied images of the surface of the moon, obtained with the satellite from China’s Chang’e-3. In these images captured a fuzzy silhouette that resembles an alien with a backpack, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to grifonsoft.

Ufologists managed to get photos taken of Chinese flying machine that other scientists and the government intends to hide from the people, in order to prevent the ingress thereto of the evidence supporting the theory of the existence of an alien civilization.

The photographs from the moon’s surface you can see the silhouette of an alien tourist with a backpack, however, the unusual phenomenon was seen only on one photo that casts doubt on the hypothesis put forward by ufologists about the “global conspiracy”.

Уфологов озадачил пришелец с рюкзаком

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