UK makes life difficult for the oligarchs of Russia

Великобритания усложняет жизнь олигархам из России

UK after 7 December 2018 shall suspend the issuance of visas for investors, which gave the right of wealthy foreigners to settle in the country. , the government announced a review of visa status of 700 Russian citizens in the UK.

According to “Voice of America”, the condition for obtaining such a visa was to invest at least two million pounds. It is reported that since 2008, when I started to operate this program, such visas received many Russian oligarchs, wealthy people from the United Arab Emirates and China.

Also reported plans to introduce in 2019 a new system of visa issuance with the changed requirements relating to the fight against organized crime and money laundering. In particular, applicants for such permits will be checked by the auditors.

The publication, citing data from the National Agency for combating crime (NCA), reports that annually in the UK is about 100 billion pounds of dirty money, mostly from Russia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Far East countries.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the British newspaper the Daily Mirror warned that any remaining in Britain the Russian diplomats, Moscow mobilized to perform reconnaissance tasks, possibly fatal.

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